Custom Software Solutions
Our fully agile modular approach is especially well-suited in the ever-changing world of mobile development. It allows us to deliver powerful, polished apps faster and more economically without sacrificing reliability.

AiGolf Tour
AiGolf Tour app is a platform for recreational golfers allowing them to play competitive golf and win prizes every round they play. An Artificial Intelligence driven engine takes playing conditions, golf course difficulty, and player ability into account to compare scores.

Top Card
Business Card exchange app that streamlines the process of contact sharing. Users can create their own business cards in seconds using one of dozens of custom templates. All shared contacts are safely stored and easily accessible.

Personalized Medicine
Symphony app supports the field of Personalized Medicine. Physicians can use it to have crucial information about drug interactions and patient profiles readily available while at the same time it provides a portal for the patients to stay informed and relevant about their treatments.