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About Sule Consulting
Sule Consulting's management team has been involved with designing and developing custom software since 1998. We have worked on various projects across the US for the industry leaders of Corporate America. The project domains include equipment leasing, banking, finance, insurance, medical software, accounting, interactive online gaming, statistical simulations, artificial intelligence, education, and time series forecasting. Our organization has associates and clients in The United States, Canada, England, Hungary, and New Zealand. Utilizing a component-based approach we can ensure that each segment of every project will receive the attention of the highest skilled expert from the appropriate domain. All work, from the initial phases of requirement gathering to the final steps of testing, is delegated, supervised, and approved by our US based steering committee. This procedure does not only guarantee the best quality work available but allows us to complete full lifecycle projects in record time.

Tibor Sule
Managing Director

Zoltan (Zoli) Sule