Custom Software Solutions
What We Do
Specializing in Agile Design and Development, our organization is dedicated to providing the very best quality in software design/implementation. We work exclusively with the most elite experts in the international computer science arena which guarantees that we deliver first rate products. Sule Consulting is constantly developing and maintaining highly customizable, extensible, in-house developed, proprietary frameworks and APIs for the most frequently employed architectures and services. These components, which are included free, make up the foundation of our solutions offering up to 80% reduction of cost. Our software, battle tested in mission critical environments, is guaranteed to deliver reliability and robustness allowing us to focus on each of our clients' specific requirements without compromise. Future expansion and enhancements are always considered in our solutions to ease the cost of maintenance. The following list summarizes a few of our products:
Personalized Medicine:
IOS and Android apps supporting pharmacogenomics by tracking and categorizing test results for analysis for genetic profile creation.
Real Estate Banking:
Enterprise system including desktop and mobile applications. This full lifecycle project included the design and delivery of a payment solution system relating to real estate purchase, renting, leasing. A full back office allowed management to set user privileges for the desktop application while the IOS and Android mobile apps provided convenient, secure, accurate user experience.
Golf Statistics Tracking
A full life cycle project, designed and built for the Jim McLean golf school, tracks, stores, and analyzes golf statistics for the aspiring student of the game. Ease of use, attractive design, and reliable functionality were key components for the success of this application. The user can quickly enter information pertaining to their golf rounds and receive a wealth of detailed insightful statistics regarding their skill level. Using this software tool, the golfers can monitor their progress and tailor the most effective individual practice plan.
Online Poker Room
This project illustrates Sule Consulting's ability to deliver very complex, full life-cycle projects in record time. We developed a fully functioning online poker room with special options never before offered. 100% Java, fully scalable Poker Server-Client Suite including Game Server, Client Server, Persistence Server, and Broadcast Server modules.
High School Sports Network (HSN)
This product is an interactive website which will provide a platform for HSN in conjunction with the US Army Bowl to share high school sports video highlights and statistical information for athletes across the nation. This website benefits the student community by allowing them to stay connected with each other and share the sports action with family and friends any time, any place. In addition, coaches and recruiters have an easy way of tracking the progress of athletes nationwide.
Time Series Forecasting Using Neural Networks
Sule Consulting built a proprietary system for currency analysis and forecasting. This product features a back propagation neural net used for machine learning and prediction. The system is complete with a full-featured charting and analysis front end and is programmable via a purpose-built meta language and a library of precompiled functions and indicators.